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An automated, real-time sensor for saline waters that measures calcium (Ca2+), barium (Ba2+), sulfate (SO42-) ions and silica (SiO2). ScaleSense-BETA was specifically developed to work with the toughest waters, after conventional real-time sensors failed to meet our needs.


Real-time sensors provide direct measurement of ion concentrations on a continuous basis. However, most struggle with the presence of total dissolved solids (TDS) >500 mg/L. ScaleSense-BETA overcomes this limit and is not impacted by TDS. 


Measuring scaling ions real-time enables process optimization. Use less water, make more water, generate less brine. See our spec sheet for more information. 

Real-Time Testing

Managing Scale Risk

Process Optimization

Introducing Saltworks’ ScaleSense-BETA

Real-time scaling ion measurement and control can help you optimize your process: save money & reduce your water footprint, see the examples below.


ScaleSense-BETA is robust and configurable for Ca2+, Ba2+ or SO42- ions, or SiO2. It functions accurately and precisely, even at extremely high-TDS.


We can help you to integrate ScaleSense in your process: process assessment, drawing updates, PLC programming, training and support.


ScaleSense-BETA Uses

Manage cooling tower scale risk with a virtual anti-scalant, use less water

ScaleSense-BETA can measure scaling ion concentrations real-time, allowing cooling tower optimization: less fresh water consumption, less blowdown.

Real-time scaling ion measurement for dynamic recovery control of reverse osmosis systems

ScaleSense-BETA can provide dynamic recovery control, to get the best out of RO and softening processes without introducing scale risk.

Targeted ion compliance measurement & removal optimization, e.g. mine discharge

Continuous compliance monitoring ensures that limits are met. Treat to the right level; minimize treatment load, optimize blending.

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