Real-time ion sensor and analyzer for Ca2+, Ba2+, SO42- and SiO2

ScaleSense is an automated, real-time sensor for measuring calcium, barium and sulfate ions and silica. ScaleSense is not impacted by TDS and overcomes the limitations of conventional sensors. It enables real-time process optimization in brine treatment applications.

Why ScaleSense?

ScaleSense was developed to reliably measure calcium (Ca2+), barium (Ba2+), sulfate (SO42-) ions and silica (SiO2) in saline waters. 

It was designed with optimization in mind as conventional real-time sensors failed to meet our clients’ needs. 

Conventional real-time ion sensors struggle when total dissolved solids (TDS) exceed 50,000 mg/L. ScaleSense’s proprietary technology is not impacted by TDS.

Photo of a Scalesense real-time sensor analyzer

ScaleSense in Your Project

ScaleSense accurately and precisely measures Ca2+, Ba2+ or SO42- ions, and SiO2, even with extremely high TDS. 

This allows real-time measurement and control of scaling ions that can help improve performance and reliability of membrane and thermal unit processes. The result is greater uptime and reduced total cost.

Contact us for more information on how ScaleSense integrates into our complete packaged systems and to learn how it can enhance your existing treatment assets.

Graphical image showing the scaling chemical species measurable with a ScaleSense real-time sensor analyzer


Use less water and manage your cooling tower scaling risk with a virtual anti-scalant

ScaleSense measures scaling ion concentrations in real-time, allowing cooling tower optimization for less freshwater consumption and blowdown.

Real-time scaling ion measurement for dynamic recovery control of reverse osmosis systems

ScaleSense can provide dynamic recovery control, allowing you to get the best from RO and softening processes without scaling risk.

Targeted ion compliance measurement & removal optimization

Continuous compliance monitoring from ScaleSense ensures that limits are met. Treat to the right level, minimize the treatment load, and optimize blending.