Data Centre Cooling

Efficient and reliable solutions that maximize water usage effectiveness

Saltworks delivers reliable solutions for data centre cooling that maximize uptime and energy efficiency while helping meet water sustainability goals. Our modular, low footprint systems can optimize cooling cycles, reduce scaling, and minimize wastewater disposal volumes.

Data Centre Cooling & Water

Data centres require reliable cooling systems to ensure consistent operation and maintain critical uptime. As data centres become larger with increased computing power density, their thermal management needs are also increasing.


Data centres have already made great strides toward sustainability by reducing energy consumption. Their cooling systems also use large amounts of water, so water sustainability is increasingly important, especially in areas facing water shortages. By implementing smart energy- and water-efficient cooling systems, operators can increase their Power and Water Usage Effectiveness (PUE & WUE) to achieve best practice standards.

Photo of cooling fans in a data centre
Photo of a row of cooling towers as used to cool data centres

Cooling Tower Expertise

Data centres commonly use cooling towers to reject heat. As coolant water evaporates, total dissolved solids (TDS) and scaling ions accumulate in the cooling system, resulting in the need to ‘blow down’ the remaining water and replace it with fresh water.


Saltworks’ innovations for improving cooling tower performance and reliability include:

  • Safely increasing cycles before blowdown by measuring scaling ions with advanced real-time ScaleSense sensors
  • Further boosting cycles by targeting and removing scaling ions with BrineRefine precision chemical treatment
  • Treating blowdown to recover freshwater for reuse while minimizing discharge volume with XtremeRO membrane systems and SaltMaker thermal systems

Meeting Your Project Needs

Saltworks is ready to deliver solutions for today’s sophisticated data centre water needs. We provide comprehensive pilot testing options and full-scale system delivery. As a manufacturer of membrane, thermal, and chilled concentrators, as well as robotized chemical treatment systems, we are uniquely positioned to provide innovative, robust, and low-footprint data centre cooling solutions with optimized economics.


Learn how we can help your data centre meet energy and water efficiency targets. Send us your project details for an assessment.

Photo of cooling towers on a roof as used in data centres

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Photo of a full-scale, 2-module, Saltworks BrineRefine plant

BrineRefine Chemical Reactor

BrineRefine is a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) that executes diverse chemical reactions efficiently and with precision.

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Photo of a Saltworks engineer testing and inspecting water in an industrial wastewater treatment process

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Heavy industry, manufacturing, and natural resource-based industries often use large volumes of water and generate wastewaters requiring treatment. Saltworks designs, builds, and operates advanced wastewater treatment plants that economically and reliably treat tough industrial wastewaters.

Photo of steam coming from several cooling towers that produce blowdown wastewater

Achieving 70x Cooling Tower Blowdown Volume Reduction

Cooling towers are used by industrial plants to reject waste heat to atmosphere. A portion of the cooling water is blown down after a number of cycles of concentration, before the ions and metals reach their scaling limits. This blowdown requires management.

Cooling Tower Blowdown

Cooling Tower Blowdown

Saltworks can solve your cooling tower blowdown challenges. We can add novel sensors and controls to your cooling tower to minimize water consumption and blowdown production. We can treat blowdown for re-use at your cost-optimized freshwater recovery or achieve zero liquid discharge.