Lithium Extraction & Processing Infographic Brochure

Get a free lithium infographic that shows how to process lithium to battery-grade, downstream of direct lithium extraction.

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Lithium Infographic

This free infographic brochure shows how membrane, thermal, and chemical water technologies fit into various stages of lithium production: 

  • What needs to be done after direct lithium extraction to reach battery-grade solids?
  • How can you quickly and efficiently increase the concentration of lithium chloride?
  • How can you reduce the size and cost of evaporators? 
  • How do you increase yield and purity?

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Saltworks Lithium Refining

Saltworks Scores a Lithium Hat-Trick

Saltworks’ water mining expertise and advanced desalination technologies are proving to be a perfect fit for lithium clients. We are delighted to announce a hat-trick of lithium wins.

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Lithium Extraction and Refining

Saltworks brings water mining expertise and advanced desalination technologies to our lithium clients, offering solutions for concentrating, refining, and converting low-grade lithium sources to battery-grade product. We offer higher purity and lower energy processing technology, that boosts yield, removes unit operations, and reduces cost.

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