Concentrate Brine & Reduce Disposal Costs

Concentrate brine to reduce its volume & recover water for reuse with our solutions for brine management, softening and crystallization.

Your Challenges

  • Expensive trucking drives up the costs of your brine for wastewater disposal
  • You are running out of space in your wastewater ponds
  • Scale formation problems are slashing your reverse osmosis water recovery

Technologies & Solutions

Reduce Waste Volumes & Make Solid Salt: Reduce trucking costs and the volume of wastewater you send to ponds with the SaltMaker’s groundbreaking brine concentrator mode that reliably extracts solids.

Lower Cost, Higher Capacity: Pair with low cost thermal energy to optimize AirBreather’s open to atmosphere evaporator crystallizer while actively managing volatile risks. 

Precise, Compact Chemical Softening: Modular & cost optimized with integrated controls, no clarifier, no floc or coagulant.

XtremeRO (X-RO) concentrates brines to 130,000 mg/L, halving conventional RO brine volumes.

Reduce RO Brine Volume: Turbo charge your reverse osmosis system with the Flex EDR Selective to achieve extreme water recoveries without expensive soda ash softening.

Leased Standardized Plant: Reduce brine management costs through an advanced reverse osmosis system built from standardized process blocks.

Reduce Brine Volumes: Designed to handle scale, organics, and concentrate brines to 80K or 130K mg/L.

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