Technical and Operations Services

Full technical and operational support, including expansion options

We provide ongoing technical and operational support, including training, maintenance, replacement parts, and expansion options so that your project reaches the best possible return on investment.

Get the Most Out of Your Plant​

After we deliver your plant, we offer full technical and operational support both during and after commissioning. We also help with equipment that was provided by us or by others.


Our dedicated teams provide comprehensive support services in technical spare parts, supply chain, quality assurance, and technology delivery to keep your plant operating at its best and providing you with full confidence reliability and performance.

Photo of a Saltworks team collaborating by an XtremeUF plant
Photo of a Saltworks engineer performing plant maintenance

Documentation, Training and Personnel Support 

Our solutions ship with comprehensive documentation and our technology delivery team is ready to provide remote support. We respond quickly so that you avoid project delays. Our Remote Operations Asset Management (ROAM) services provide more options including 24/7 operations support. 


Our teams of engineering and commissioning experts work closely with operations personnel so that they become proficient in operating and maintaining equipment safely and efficiently. Our complete training enables your team to reliably achieve performance excellence.

Technical Parts and Supply Chain Challenges

A reliable and expedient supply chain is critical to maintaining up time, efficiency, and performance.


Our dedicated technical parts and supply chain teams leverage our relationships with industry-leading suppliers to ensure your project gets a consistent supply of vetted, high-quality parts and consumables.

Photo of a Saltworks team member managing supplies
Photo of modules of a SaltMaker plant being assembled

Increase Your Plant’s Capacity

Our plants are modular and designed to grow or be added to existing systems to boost performance. As your project’s needs grow, our systems are fully expandable to address challenges such as growing flow rates or evolving treatment targets.


Reach out to us for your technical support needs and explore options for maximizing your system’s productivity and capacity.

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A photo of a Saltworks operations expert at the remote operations and asset management system

Remote Operations Asset Management (ROAM)

Trust our Remote Operations and Asset Management services to support your water treatment and refinement systems with precision control. You will receive 24/7 instant access to our expert remote operations center team.

Photo of a Saltworks engineer analyzing a water sample at a treatment plant

Pilot Test Services

For clients seeking to de-risk and test technology alternatives to establish cost-optimized solutions before detailed design and implementation. Saltworks’ pilot services carve a clear and optimized path to scale.

SaltMaker Effects

Custom Engineered Solutions

Saltworks helps clients with customized treatment processes. Our expert engineers innovate, design, and build plants of all kinds to meet our customers’ diverse needs. Need help with a unique or special project? Get in touch today for a project assessment.

Photo of a Saltworks employee inspecting the electrical panel in a BrineRefine chemical reactor plant

Strategic Technical Services

Saltworks provides Strategic Technical Services to support corporate industrial water and lithium processing strategies with expertise garnered through our in-house piloting, production and operation.