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Saltworks supports clients by providing options analysis and optimization studies for water projects. Our process experts will work with your team to develop an analytical matrix of alternatives, so you can make informed next step decisions. Need a project review? Get in touch today for a project assessment.

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Industrial water treatment projects are unique, and many have more than one solution. Selecting the correct pathway starts with a sound process engineering study, considering technologies, economics, and energy and mass balances. Through this work, one can better assess the pathway(s), preventing later regret or re-work.


We can help you to complete an options assessment matrix, providing quantitative analysis and incorporating your needs and ideas. With sound information in-hand, you can make the right decision on next-steps.


Leverage our knowledge. Get an options assessment that addresses concerns such as:

  • your treatment goals
  • risks, reliability, and performance measurement
  • total cost of ownership, balancing capital and operating costs, including energy and chemical usage
  • management of residual wastes or brines
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Enhanced Oil Recovery pilot treatment

Bring Us Your Water Challenges

We’re busy and so are you. We know your time is important, and that water treatment needs may be urgent. Our experts strive for a rapid turnaround on your initial assessment. Two weeks spent upfront can save wasted time and money, and help to better inform your management. 


Saltworks experts work collaboratively, ensuring that your feedback and needs are incorporated. We will be honest about whether we can add value. When a well-known solution is clear, we get you on the right path with qualified vendors and heads-up on potential risks. For more complex problems we may present both conventional and innovative solutions in the alternatives mix. 

Comprehensive Saltworks’ Solutions

Being an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), an engineering and technology firm, and a water plant operator, we see all angles of water processes. With our multi-disciplinary expertise and our extensive network of partners, we know when to work with others to support you, including technical professionals in a specific field, or other OEMs that can provide the most cost-effective solution for your application.


Armed with a comprehensive options analysis our clients can make informed decisions on next steps, such as:

  • Detailed assessment of the top three options
  • Bench or pilot studies, if required
  • Development of a technical specification for bidding
  • Advancing the project

Contact us to get started with an initial assessment.

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The many options for managing brine, a term for saline wastewater from industrial processes, fall under two categories: brine treatment and brine disposal. Brine treatment involves desalinating the brine for reuse and producing a concentrated brine (lower liquid waste volume), or residual solids (zero liquid discharge).

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