Permanently change water chemistry

Ion exchange membrane process that splits divalent cations from divalent anions, eliminating scaling potential. For example, Calcium Sulphate (CaSO4) is split into non-scaling CaCl2 and Na2SO4. Split fluids are kept separate, enabling extreme recoveries even on scale saturated waters.

ElectroChem Salt Splitter - Reverse Osmosis RO process diagram for treating multivalent scaling waters to produce two monovalent non-scaling streams.

Advanced electrodialysis & RO hybrid systems

Our monovalent selective IonFlux ion exchange membranes are embedded into hybrid processes with reverse osmosis, including EDM options licensed from ZDD, Inc. Overcome scaling limits and achieve extreme freshwater recoveries.

ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis E200 stack for industrial wastewater desalination, concentrating reverse osmosis (RO) brines, and replacing chemical softening pre-treatment (lime and soda ash).

Low volume, highly soluble brines

Salt Splitter produces two highly soluble, low volume brines for ease of downstream brine management. Keeping the brines separate prevents precipitation. The two brines can be treated and kept separate within a single SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer for true ZLD.

Modular and scalable

Built from Saltworks’ ElectroChem system, utilizing the same stack, automation, and controls. Only the membranes and process arrangement are different. ElectroChem systems are highly modular based on standardized skids and readily containerized for fast dispatch and remote operation.

ElectroChem electrodialysis skid for removing ions from saline waters including produced water, reverse osmosis RO brine, wastewater desalination, and acid recycling

Salt Splitter features:

  • Permanently changes water chemistry from scaling to non-scaling
  • No chemical soda ash softening
  • Extreme brine concentrations previously unattainable
  • Intelligent electrode protection blocks calcium fouling, removing the need to acid dose electrolytes or replace electrodes
  • Robust design and resilient IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane
  • Treat highly scaling waters including produced waters with hydrocarbons (up to C10)
  • Modular skids for ease of expansion and maintenance
  • Positive seal stack ensures reliable leak free operation
  • Corrosion resistant engineered plastic instrumentation and process wetted components
  • Automated controls and intelligent self-cleaning
  • Available pre-treatment, post-treatment, chemical dosing, and pH control packages
  • Available containerization
  • Saltworks' 24/7 Remote Operations Control (ROC) proactive monitoring and remote control

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