Membrane Pilot Achieves 98% Water Recovery in Southeast Asia

Complex Manufacturing Wastewater Treated by Ultra-High Pressure Reverse Osmosis

July 6th 2021

Saltworks’ Advanced Membrane Plant Goes Intercontinental

Our ultra-high recovery membrane pilot plant has successfully completed another tour of duty. After arriving in Southeast Asia earlier this year, the plant operated continuously around-the-clock for 90 days, achieving 98% water recovery from a complex, mixed industrial wastewater with high organics and variable water chemistry.


The advanced pilot plant crossed the Pacific Ocean with a quick turnaround after its cooling tower blowdown trial at an agri-chem facility—for which Saltworks is now designing and building a full-scale, permanent installation.

Photo of XtremeRO pilot onsite in SEA
Photo of XtremeRO pilot onsite in SEA

Ultra-High Recovery Expertise and Technologies, On-Site for Saltworks’ Clients 

Our expert pilot team operated the plant both on-site and remotely despite the ongoing international challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. High performance Nitto HYDRANAUTICSTM PRO-XP1 membranes were once again employed to great effect, as well as Saltworks’ advanced process technologies that enabled the membranes to perform: BrineRefineXtremeUFScaleSense, and XtremeRO.


The system treated variable water quality originating from multiple streams, consistently achieving 98% recovery and concentrating a sodium sulfate-rich brine to over 200,000 mg/L total dissolved solids (TDS). The 2% brine volume is small enough such that direct solidification becomes viable, avoiding the need for an energy intensive evaporator-crystallizer.


As the need for ultra-high recovery industrial water recycling grows, our production facility is bustling with full-scale build-outs of XtremeUF, XtremeRO, FlexEDR, and SaltMaker plants. End user industries include range from microelectronics to brackish water desalination, lithium refining, and oil and gas processing.


If you have an industrial water challenge, the Saltworks team is ready to run an options and cost analysis for you. If you are interested in a virtual tour of our production and pilots, contact us. 

About Saltworks

Saltworks Technologies is a leader in the development and delivery of solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and desalination. By working with customers to understand their unique challenges and focusing on continuous innovation, Saltworks’ solutions provide best-in-class performance and reliability on challenging waters. From its headquarters in Richmond, BC, Canada, Saltworks designs, builds, and operates full-scale treatment plants, and offers comprehensive offsite and onsite testing services with its fleet of mobile pilots.

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