BC Minister of Environment visits Saltworks

April 25th 2014

The Honourable Mary Polak, M.L.A., Minister of Environment, visited Saltworks Technologies to learn more about the company’s desalination and water treatment technology and its potential applications in British Columbia.


The Minister and Saltworks’ CEO, Ben Sparrow, discussed how Saltworks’ ongoing work in the oil & gas industry, specifically in Australian gas fields and treating Texas shale gas produced water, could be leveraged to benefit BC’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.


“Saltworks Technologies exemplifies the sort of innovative thinking that has positioned B.C.’s clean tech sector as a global leader. I congratulate Saltworks on its work to date, and look forward to their continued growth.” – Mary Polak, Minister of Environment


Emerging Asia-Pacific economies have significantly increased demand for natural gas globally, and created an opportunity for British Columbia to grow its LNG industry.


“Saltworks is aiming to contribute to Northeastern BC’s development. Specifically, providing a reliable and lower cost means to treat gas produced water and make freshwater for beneficial re-use as opposed to deep well disposal.”

     – Ben Sparrow, Saltworks’ CEO


Mary Polak BC Minister of Environment Visits Saltworks Technologies

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