Saltworks enters teaming agreement with SPX Cooling Technologies

June 15th 2011

Saltworks Technologies and SPX Cooling Technologies, a global manufacturer of cooling towers and air-cooled condensers, have entered a teaming agreement to provide evaporation towers and engineering support for Saltworks’ energy efficient desalination and salt water treatment process.


The core of Saltworks’ breakthrough technology, called Thermo-Ionic™, works by harnessing low grade solar or waste heat to evaporate saltwater to create a concentrated solution. The system uses the energy contained within this concentrated salt solution to drive the desalting process.


Saltworks and SPX Cooling Technologies are developing an evaporator tower driven salt-maker to work alongside this Thermo-Ionic technology. Built largely from plastics, the salt-maker accepts highly concentrated salt water, removes remaining water, and produces solid salt.


Saltworks’ President Joshua Zoshi says using an evaporative tower in their Thermo-Ionic process allows Saltworks to create a hyper-saline solution in a compact footprint.


“We are delighted to be working with SPX Cooling Technologies. Through this collaboration we will deliver an economic solution for addressing customers’ desalination and salt water treatment needs while leveraging the strengths of a company with over 100 years in the cooling tower business.”


In addition to standalone operation, Thermo-Ionic™ can hybridize with conventional desalination, such as reverse osmosis, to increase freshwater recovery and reduce discharge volume which is particularly important for inland operations.


Currently Saltworks is constructing a demonstration plant to showcase their end-to-end solution for a Canadian oil sands project.

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