Saltworks Reports Scale Up and Brine Treatment Solutions

September 26th 2011

Saltworks Technologies Inc.’s (“Saltworks”) expansion of products in desalination and brine treatment continues to gain momentum. With its patent portfolio growing, Saltworks offers a variety of novel solutions from increasing fresh water recovery to concentrating wastewater for existing inland plant operators.


The Saltworks team is currently constructing a containerized hybrid system for the Canadian oil sands. It incorporates reverse osmosis and the company’s thermo-ionic technology. Thermo-ionic desalinates the reverse osmosis reject to allow recovery of additional fresh water while reducing the reject volume for economic disposal. Thermo-ionic uses Saltworks’ ion exchange stack – a flexible device that can also be used for other membrane processes such as electrodialysis reversal. Discharge volume is further reduced by the company’s newly developed Saltmaker which produces solid salt. This end-to-end solution is particularly relevant to inland desalination operators with wastewater management issues.


A story on the project and Saltworks’ scale-up was recently featured in Desalination & Water Reuse, a premier trade magazine. Following the DWR article, Saltworks executives presented on the company’s hybrid brine management technology at both the 2011 International Desalination World Congress in Perth and at the 26th Annual WateReuse Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona.


“The greatest concerns facing customers are economical solutions to brine management and providing a robust technology for produced water treatment. Saltworks has developed solutions for both,” said Saltworks’ Vice President, Malcolm Man.


At the International Desalination World Congress in Perth, in addition to presenting a technical paper on Saltworks’ brine treatment solutions, Saltworks’ CEO Ben Sparrow and president Joshua Zoshi showcased the company’s commercial scale ion exchange desalination stack.

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