The Water Values Podcast: Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Episode

January 23rd 2018

In the latest episode of The Water Values podcast, host Dave McGimpsey interviews Saltworks CEO Ben Sparrow about zero liquid discharge (ZLD), the range of technologies involved in achieving ZLD and how Saltworks helps companies achieve their treatment goals.


With rising disposal costs and changing regulatory requirements, industries are looking for reliable solutions to treat challenging wastewater. McGimpsey and Sparrow explore the spectrum of water technologies that allow companies to treat a variety of different wastewaters and some of the applications where they offer the best economic fit. They also discuss the growing shift towards zero liquid discharge as a treatment target and the different ways companies can improve reuse of their wastewater, as well as the components it contains.


Listen to the podcast now on the Water Values website, or on the podcasting app of your choice.


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