Meet Treatment Goals

Our advanced wastewater treatment solutions will ensure you meet even the most stringent waste water discharge requirements.

Your Challenges

  • Regulatory limits prohibit discharging your wastewater unless treated
  • You need to remove specific contaminants to meet discharge requirements

Technologies & Solutions

  • Treat wastewater to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements
  • Produce freshwater from your brine with the SaltMaker’s low temperature evaporation condensation process.

  • Turbocharge your Reverse Osmosis system to yield more freshwater that meets regulatory requirements.

EDR Solutions

  • Desalt hard-to-treat oily or organic wastewater with the Flex EDR platform. Dial in any total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration.

  • Selectively remove ions and change water chemistry

  • Remove ammonia from industrial wastewater using the Flex EDR Ammonia.

Flex EDR Stack

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