Flex EDR

Flex EDR is an advanced electrodialysis reversal (EDR) system for industrial wastewater desalination that permanently changes water chemistry, achieves extreme recoveries, and treats water containing high organics with less pre-treatment. 

Desalinate Organic Wastewater & Produced Water

  • Treat oily wastewaters that swell conventional membranes with our next-generation IonFlux membranes that are engineered to remain resilient.

  • Reduce the need for complex pre-treatment when you only need to remove salt.

  • Desalt and lower consumption of polymers in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) produced water.

Concentrate Brine & Remove Ions Selectively

  • Change brine chemistry without softening to reach the full potential of your RO system and wring out even more freshwater for beneficial reuse.

  • Remove specific ions using state-of-the-art ion exchange membranes with 98% monovalent ionic selectivity (i.e. separate chlorides from sulfates).

  • Concentrate brine to low volumes that would previously only have been possible with thermal systems.

Solve Your Fouling & Scaling Problems

  • Solve electrode scaling with patented electrode protection, removing the need to use acid electrolytes or to clean electrodes frequently.
  • Intelligent self-cleaning procedures stop scale from forming to detrimental levels.

Modular & Scalable

  • Modular skids for easy deployment and project integration


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