FlexEDR Selective

Electrodialysis Reversal System

FlexEDR Selective allows you to selectively remove ions and change water chemistry, achieved by using modernized electrodialysis reversal (EDR) with highly selective ion exchange membranes that are both solvent and oxidant tolerant.

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Ion Removal with Next Generation Selectivity

  • Rely on the 98% monovalent ionic selectivity of our IonFlux ion exchange membranes. Move only monovalent ions across the membrane under EDR’s electric field (see video below).
  • Tune FlexEDR Selective to different configurations based on the ionic separation you want to achieve.
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Selective Salt Extraction

  • Extract chlorides from circulating water to enable greater internal recycling or reduce corrosion.
  • Refine sodium chloride from complex saline streams.
  • Reliably remove lithium salts to improve your brine mining process.

Concentrate Higher Without Worrying About Scale

  • Permanently change scaling water chemistry to non-scaling for easy water treatment.

  • Using a low cost membrane system, achieve the same low volume brines produced by expensive thermal evaporation systems.

  • Reduce brine volumes for a lower cost treatment train.

FlexEDR stack with membranes in between
Agriculture Wastewater Treatment

Recycle the Fertilizer in Your Water

  • Recycle your agricultural runoff water by removing the sodium chloride and lowering the SAR.

  • Save on fertilizer costs by reusing the essential nutrients in the runoff, such as calcium, phosphates and ammonia.

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FlexEDR stack inside a full-scale treatment plant.

FlexEDR Electrodialysis Reversal System

FlexEDR is an advanced electrodialysis reversal (EDR) system, leveraging our next-generation ion exchange membranes. It requires less pre-treatment, tolerates oils and organics, selectively removes ions and uses fewer chemicals.

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