Salt Splitter

Salt Splitter solves scale formation problems in your Reverse Osmosis system by separating dissolved ions based on charge, converting scaling to non-scaling chemistry. Lower brine volumes from your RO system, amplify freshwater recovery and produce gypsum as a byproduct.

Concentrate Higher Without Worrying About Scale

  • Permanently change scaling water chemistry to non-scaling for easy water treatment.

  • Using a low cost membrane system, achieve the same low volume brines produced by expensive thermal evaporation systems

  • Reduce brine volumes for a lower cost treatment train.

Save on Soda Ash Softening

  • Eliminate the need for expensive soda ash softening and the messy sludge by-product
  • Make more than 95% pure gypsum (CaSO4) as a byproduct for re-use in building materials and agriculture

The Most Advanced EDR Platform

  • We brought together the top two membrane desalination systems in the world: RO and EDR

  • Cutting edge IonFlux ion exchange membranes built into Salt Splitter’s EDR system enable selective separation

  • Intelligent self-cleaning systems to operate on the worst scale-forming wastewaters

  • Fully packaged plant with modular skids adapts or expands with your needs

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