SaltMaker Evaporators & Crystallizers

Modernized evaporators and crystallizers for reliable minimal and zero liquid discharge

Our SaltMaker family of robust modular evaporators and crystallizers can turn almost any saline wastewater into clean water, minimal liquid discharge (MLD) brines or zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solids.

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Evaporation & Crystallization Reinvented

When brine disposal is costly, or conventional membrane treatment options are exhausted, evaporation and crystallization solutions are the natural next step. Our SaltMaker evaporator crystallizers operate on challenging industrial brines without complex pre-treatment thanks to their forced circulation and self-cleaning design. They are available as complete, integrated packages with options such as volatile organics management, crystallization, and solids management.


Whether you seek concentration and minimal liquid discharge (MLD) via an evaporator, or salt crystallization and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) via a crystallizer, there is a SaltMaker suited to your project’s treatment goals.

Modular SaltMaker Plant Built into Standard ISO Frames
zero liquid discharge brine management

SaltMaker: Meet the Family

Our SaltMaker family provides scalable, flexible solutions that cover all brine management needs including MLD and ZLD. We offer four versions tailored to specific end user needs and energy sources.

SaltMaker Product MultiEffect AirBreather VapComp ChilledCrys
Technology Multiple effect Single effect Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) Eutectic crystallization
Solid Salt (ZLD) or Brine Concentrator (MLD) Minimal liquid discharge (MLD) MLD Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solid salt option or MLD ZLD solid salt option or MLD
Fit & Advantage
  • Thermally driven, from a primary energy source (e.g. natural gas)
  • Ideal for challenging water chemistry*
  • Energy efficient
  • Thermally driven from low temperature high quantity thermal sources (i.e. waste heat)
  • Ideal for challenging water chemistry*
  • Safe volatiles management (no atmospheric contact)
  • Thermal energy not required
  • High capacity
  • Membrane hybrid crystallizer, which avoids boiling water
  • Highly energy efficient on specific water chemistry
  • Primary Energy Source Thermal energy ~90°C Thermal energy ~60–90°C Electrical Power Electrical Power
    Use Case Thermal energy >$5/GJ Thermal energy <$5/GJ Only electrical power available Feed fluid has rapid solubility-temperature changes
    Atmospheric Air Contact None Optional None None
    VOC Management Post-treatment of distilled water Built-in Post-treatment of distilled water Post-treatment of permeate water

    * Challenging water chemistry typically means high in organics and/or scaling ions. Saltworks’ other technologies such as XtremeUF and BrineRefine address challenging chemistry upstream of evaporators & crystallizers.

    Robust, Modular & Efficient 

    The SaltMaker evaporator-crystallizer family is engineered to meet diverse needs while integrating safety-by-design. Each system is built to maximize uptime through sound engineering to reduce scale, remove corrosion risk, and self-clean during operation.


    Scalability and ease of installation and operation is at the heart of every SaltMaker. All four SaltMaker products are constructed using modular ISO shipping container building blocks and are available in different sizes, with configurable options for your application.

    SaltMaker Modular Evaporator
    AirBreather Evaporator Crystallizer Effect

    Comprehensive Solutions

    Every brine presents unique challenges and our engineers are ready to review yours. The best solution may involve a cost-optimized blend of technologies. As a manufacturer of membrane, thermal, and chilled concentrators Saltworks is uniquely positioned to optimize treatment economics for the lowest total cost of ownership.


    Contact us for an assessment. Find out what SaltMaker will work best for you and explore upstream membrane concentration options for superior economics.

    Our SaltMaker Evaporator & Crystallizer Products

    SaltMaker MultiEffect Evaporator Crystallizer

    Modern, modular, and intelligently automated evaporator-crystallizer that concentrates brine or produces low volume solids for zero liquid discharge. More ...

    SaltMaker AirBreather Evaporator Crystallizer

    The first evaporator-crystallizer with no atmospheric contact, important for water with volatile organics. Choose between no liquid water return or clean water that is safe for discharge. More ...

    SaltMaker VapComp Evaporator Crystallizer

    Compact and only requires power to operate. Combines Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) technology with robust system design, solids management, and self-cleaning automation. More ...

    SaltMaker ChilledCrys Chilled Crystallizer

    ChilledCrys concentrates water, extracts solid salt, and repeats the cycle using a novel UHP-RO system. By avoiding the use of evaporation, it achieves zero liquid discharge with considerable energy efficiency savings. More ...

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