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Brine Management Solutions

Saline brine wastewater volumes can be minimized with effective evaporative and crystallization solutions. Whether you seek brine concentration and minimal liquid discharge (MLD) via an evaporator, or salt crystallization and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) via a crystallizer, our SaltMaker solutions provide you with all options.
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Brine Solutions

When brine disposal is costly or not possible, thermal brine management systems offer the next step in volume reduction after membrane systems. Thermal solutions vaporize water into a distilled water by-product, leaving behind a concentrated reject waste.


If there are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your wastewater, they can also evaporate and condense into your distilled water. In this case, special considerations are required, and we can help you with that.


Thermal systems come in four primary types. We offer all four, engineered for operation on challenging industrial brines without complex pre-treatment. We also offer them as complete integrated packages, including crystallization and solids management options.

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Primary Energy Source Use Fit Case Atmospheric Air Contact VOC Management
Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) Evaporators Thermal Energy ~90°C Thermal Energy Cost > $5/GJ None Post-Treatment of Distilled Water
Single Effect Evaporators (Open or Closed to Atmosphere) Thermal Energy ~60–90°C Thermal Energy Cost <$5/GJ Optional Open—Manage Air Emission Risk
Closed—Post-Treatment of Distilled Water
Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) Electrical Power Only Electrical Power Available None Post-Treatment of Distilled Water
Eutectic (Freeze) Crystallization Electrical Power Rapid Solubility-Temperature Changes None N/A

Evaporators and Crystallizers

Evaporators produce concentrated, low volume brine. They are used when minimal liquid discharge (MLD) is the right choice. This can mean that you need fewer trucks to move your brine or less capacity in evaporation ponds.


When you need to go further, then you need zero liquid discharge (ZLD). To achieve ZLD, you require crystallizer technology. The concentration is pushed beyond saturation so that solids are precipitated.


Our SaltMaker family was developed to provide scalable, flexible solutions covering all thermal brine management needs. Every case is different, and our engineers are ready to review yours’. We may also be able to help you reduce the volume sent to a thermal brine concentrator, as well as its cost and energy consumption, through assessment of upstream membrane brine concentration options.


Modular SaltMaker Plant Built into Standard ISO Frames
SaltMaker Modular Evaporator

SaltMaker: Robust & Modular 

The SaltMaker family of wastewater evaporator & crystallizer products is engineered to optimally meet diverse needs:

  • Corrosion free: wetted parts are either engineered plastic or titanium
  • Scale management: accept scaling solutions and prevent performance degradation through sound engineering and built-in self-cleaning systems
  • Maximize up-time: quality build, quality training, no single point of failure and ability to complete preventative maintenance while operating
  • Ease of operation: intelligent automation to ease operator burden and maximize plant performance
  • Ease of installation and future relocation: based around modular ISO shipping container frame building blocks.
  • Waste heat utilization: use your waste heat to treat your wastewater, and ask us how
  • Sustainable future-proof operations: safety-by-design and energy efficiency built-in, no VOC emissions to atmosphere
  • Cost effective: designed to minimize your installation and operating cost, while providing high up-time. In conventional evaporative-crystallizers, downtime will be your biggest cost.

Evaporator & Crystallizer Products



SaltMaker MultiEffect

Modern, modular, and intelligently automated evaporator-crystallizer that concentrates brine or produces low volume solids for zero liquid discharge.

  • Energy efficient
  • Uses multiple effects or stages of humidification-dehumidification cycles to produce freshwater and solids.
  • Modular design that expands with your treatment project.

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SaltMaker AirBreather Pilot plant

The first evaporator-crystallizer with no atmospheric contact, important for water with volatile organics. Choose between no liquid water return or clean water that is safe for discharge.

  • Cost-effective open-to-atmosphere evaporator crystallizer.
  • Single effect producing clean vapor discharge & solids.
  • Ideal for operations requiring wastewater volume reduction rather than recovery

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The many options for managing brine, a term for saline wastewater from industrial processes, fall under two categories: brine treatment and brine disposal. Brine treatment involves desalinating the brine for reuse and producing a concentrated brine (lower liquid waste volume), or residual solids (zero liquid discharge).

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