Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
Water Treatment

Recover more oil, save water, and save money with EDR developed for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) produced water desalination.

Recycle & Upgrade the Value of Produced Water

  • Desalted produced water can improve operations: customize your injection chemistry for maximum hydrocarbon recovery while simultaneously lowering your disposal volumes and source water needs.
  • Improve the economics of your chemical EOR site: reduce polymer and water management costs by desalting and recycling produced water.
  • Polymer flood EOR can be expensive – higher salinity produced water consumes more polymer to reach your target viscosity.
(EOR) Enhanced Oil Recovery Water Treatment Plant Being Setup at Albertan Oil Sands Site
Enhanced Oil Recovery Water Treatment Plant at Site

Our Technologies

  • Technology advancements in reverse osmosis are enabling its second generation application to challenging waters.
  • XtremeRO enables this second generation with: scale and organic management, new membrane products, and advanced process controls that can treat organic laden waters and concentrate brines up to 130,000 mg/L.

Xtreme Reverse Osmosis device Saltworks Technologies
Flex EDR stack with membranes in between
  • Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR) is a 50 year old technology. Saltworks developed next generation membranes to be solvent tolerable and modernized systems for rugged automated oil & gas operations.
  • Flex EDR will treat water to reduce salinity, improve viscosity, and enable reuse of key chemicals, reducing chemical & disposal costs.
  • Our modular water treatment plants are mounted on skids that can be adapted to your produced water recycling needs.
  • The salts, organics and oil picked up by your injection water results in produced water that is incredibly difficult to treat using conventional technology.
  • Our membranes stand up to even the most challenging produced water to keep your plant working.
mEDR membrane
Remote Operations Asset Management
  • Simplify your operations and maintenance with 24/7 support by our remote operations experts. Our ROAM remote monitoring system is run by water operations experts who keep your plant running and can optimize processes remotely.
  • Receive proactive notifications that suggest maintenance that prevents issues from becoming problems.

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