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Saltworks uses cutting edge technology for industrial wastewater treatment. With plants sold worldwide, we have an established history of designing, building, and operating full-scale industrial wastewater treatment systems. We use smart design and intelligent automation to treat the toughest water economically and sustainably. We provide rapid delivery and have pilot plants ready.











Saltworks Solutions

Saltworks works with you to understand your water treatment needs. Our technical experts study your treatment needs, then provide a detailed project proposal. We can target problematic metals and ions, treat your industrial wastewater for discharge, and lower your brine volume for transport or disposal.


We scale up systematically, from initial proposal to desktop study, and then pilot project. Our fleet of mobile pilot systems allow you to quickly and cost effectively prove performance and demonstrate results.


Our full-scale plants are standardized for cost effective, quality assured production but can also be modified to meet your specific needs. Flexible sale, lease, and operation options are available.

(EOR) Enhanced Oil Recovery Water Treatment Plant Being Setup at Albertan Oil Sands Site

Water Treatment Options

To meet your requirements, our solutions can involve novel sensor technologies and leading chemical, thermal, ultrafiltration and membrane products:

  • ScaleSense: a resilient, high-TDS automated real-time sensor.
  • SaltMaker: our evaporator/crystallizer family (AirBreather, MultiEffect) that efficiently achieves minimal or zero liquid discharge.
  • BrineRefine: a smart, compact, and modular chemical softening system.
  • XtremeUF: an ultra-robust ceramic ultrafiltration system that removes solids, oils, grease etc.
  • XtremeRO: a next generation reverse osmosis brine concentrator and water maker.
  • FlexEDR: a family of electrodialysis reversal (EDR) systems that selectively remove contaminants.

Product Selection

BrineRefine Chemical Softening System

Chemical Softening System called Brine Refine

Smart, compact, modular chemical softening system that reduces costs with precision dosing and built-in solids management. Improves recovery and minimizes fouling risk with intelligent controls that communicate with downstream assets, like RO or evaporators.

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XtremeRO Brine 


Xtreme Reverse Osmosis device Saltworks Technologies

Next-generation water-maker and brine-concentrator based on reverse osmosis that achieves extreme freshwater recoveries, enabling cost-effective brine management and treatment of challenging organic-laden waters including oil & gas produced waters.


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XtremeUF Ultrafiltration System


An ultra-robust ceramic ultrafiltration system that can remove suspended solids, oils, and grease from the most challenging slurries and impacted wastewaters.

XtremeUF cleans itself as it operates, to ensure your membranes maintain performance. We treat wastewaters no one else can.

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A modern, modular, and intelligently automated evaporator-crystallizer that concentrates brine or produces low volume solids for zero liquid discharge. Use waste heat from operations and recycles heat through each of its multiple effects to slash your energy costs.

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