Landfill Leachate Treatment: High Recovery and ZLD Results

May 22th 2019

Project Summary

Saltworks Technologies Inc. (Saltworks) completed an end-to-end zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and zero air emission off-site pilot to treat concentrated reverse osmosis leachate brine from a municipal landfill in China.

The site presently treats raw leachate with biological treatment, conventional RO and disc tube RO (DTRO) systems. The DTRO brine reject is sent back to the landfill. However, the TDS of leachate is getting higher. The client is preparing for new regulations that could forbid this practice. The project objective was therefore to eliminate the wastewater volume by producing both clean water and solids at the lowest total cost of ownership.

For the complete results of the pilot including detailed water chemistry, sign-up below to download the free case study.

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