Shale Gas Produced Water Treatment

Treat shale gas flowback and produced water with our technologies designed to save on disposal and improve water reuse.

Your Challenges

  • Reducing the volume of wastewater sent for off-site disposal to cut costs and reduce environmental impact.
  • Lower your freshwater withdrawal by recycling and re-using your water.
  • Decreasing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentration is necessary to optimize your wastewater for re-injection.

Our Solutions

Your One-Stop Shop for Shale Water Treatment

  • Our engineering experts have extensive experience working with water from shale gas operations. We provide you with a detailed analysis of your wastewater chemistry and the challenges you will face when considering treatment strategies. Next, we work with your team to design the optimal treatment train that will reduce disposal costs and improve your water reuse at the lowest total cost of ownership. We are familiar with the significant variability in shale gas produced water and flowback composition; our approach considers all available technologies on the market, including our own, to ensure we provide you with a unique solution customized to your needs.
  • Looking for a mobile treatment solution? Our pilot treatment plants are mounted on skids that can be transported between wellheads.

Cut Your Disposal Costs

  • Limited deepwell capacity and high disposal costs affecting your bottom line? Reduce the volume of produced water you send for disposal with our Xtreme RO system that outperforms conventional reverse osmosis systems. Our SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer will minimize waste you send to landfills by squeezing wastewater down to zero liquid discharge solids.

Treat Water to Your Target TDS for Reinjection

  • Condition wastewater for optimal reinjection performance while maximizing water reuse. Xtreme RO removes total dissolved solids (TDS) while reaching two times the recovery of conventional RO systems.
  • Stop scale formation problems with your existing RO system by changing the water chemistry to non-scaling with the Flex EDR Selective.
  • Rely on our water treatment operations expert to remotely monitor and optimize your plant performance using our ROAM platform.
  • Rest easy knowing we will keep your plant running smoothly with regular proactive maintenance alerts.

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