Battery Grade Lithium Produced Following Successful First Pilot Test

February 4th 2018

A lithium mining company’s novel selective crystallization process is producing battery-grade lithium carbonate in a pilot plant at Saltworks Technologies. An executive leader from the mining company commented that they were “very pleased with the performance of the prototype pilot,” producing lithium carbonate of >99.56% purity.

The process includes Saltworks’ robotized BrineRefine water plant and our innovative process engineering. The result was a smart, simple process delivering excellent results rapidly. Saltworks is now advancing the design of a larger mobile pilot plant for the lithium mining company.

Pure Battery Grade Lithium Element

Henry Tsin, Technology Director at Saltworks commented “It is great to see how a simple, elegant process using the lithium mining company’s intellectual property and Saltworks’ expertise achieves such a high purity.”


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About Saltworks

Saltworks is an integrated water technology leader that develops solutions for customers by working with them to understand their challenges. Saltworks overlays innovation and the full breadth of their organizational expertise in a relentless drive to lower costs, provide excellent customer service, integrate advanced control systems and ensure performance-boosting reliability for every customer.

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