Recycling Wastewater With FlexEDR for a Chilean Heavy Industry Client

Treating Industrial Wastewater for Reuse and Keeping Pretreatment Costs Down With EDR

March 24th 2021

Saltworks’ FlexEDR electrodialysis reversal technology has been selected by a heavy industry client located in Chile to recycle their wastewater. The FlexEDR system, provided in partnership with Chile’s VIGAflow, will use Saltworks’ proprietary IonFlux ion exchange membranes. FlexEDR and IonFlux represent the next generation of EDR technology with high resilience against harmful organics, including solvents, and the ability to perform selective monovalent ion separations, such as chloride removal. These features provide cost-optimized treatment for industrial water reuse, without complex pretreatment processes.

Saltworks Engineer Inspecting Ion Exchange Membranes
Inspection of Ion Exchange Membranes for FlexEDR
FlexEDR Stack Production for Desalination of Industrial Wastewaters.
Assembly of Membranes in a FlexEDR Stack
Flex EDR Stack Inside a Saltworks Water Treatment Plant
Assembled FlexEDR Stack

EDR and RO: Broad Membrane Desalination Expertise Reaps Rewards

As national and regional governments increasingly protect their river basins and aquatic ecosystems, industry is also investing by recycling wastewater, reducing both discharges and freshwater extraction. Sustainability and industrial wastewater recycling are most definitely on the rise, with membrane technologies playing a leading role.

Electrodialysis reversal (EDR) and reverse osmosis (RO) are the two leading membrane desalination technologies, with RO dominating market share. Saltworks delivers ultra-high recovery and low energy versions of both EDR and RO. We also offer chemical conditioning systems to remove scaling ions where needed, and evaporative-crystallizers to accomplish zero liquid discharge.

We help clients understand their options, including the costs, pros, and cons of each. If you want to learn more about how to recycle your industrial wastewater, please contact Saltworks.

About VIGAflow

VIGAflow is a leader in the water treatment industry, focused on desalination and reuse. VIGAflow was founded in 2002 with the purpose of offering concrete and quality results to clients with commitment to maintaining those results over time with service. With a team of process specialists, engineers, and mechanics, VIGAflow designs tailor-made solutions, manufactured in Chile using state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality components. VIGAflow’s flexibility, local capacity, and delivery times allow them to ensure their client’s sustainability in terms of water availability and quality.

About Saltworks

Saltworks Technologies is a leader in the development and delivery of solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and desalination. By working with customers to understand their unique challenges and focusing on continuous innovation, Saltworks’ solutions provide best-in-class performance and reliability on challenging waters. From its headquarters in Richmond, BC, Canada, Saltworks designs, builds, and operates full-scale treatment plants, and offers comprehensive offsite and onsite testing services with its fleet of mobile pilots.

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