Saltworks’ Production Facility Refit Doubles Capacity

Industry-leading Technology With Exceptional Lead Times

Jan 8th 2024

Saltworks Technologies (“Saltworks”) has achieved a two-fold increase in production capacity following investments in 2023 to refit the company’s flagship manufacturing facility.

Industry demand to treat highly impacted industrial wastewater is exploding. Simultaneously, lithium refining capacity is projected to scale 5X in the next six years. Both sectors use Saltworks’ advanced technologies, driving the need to boost capacity for in-demand solutions.

The company’s standardized and repeatable modular designs, coupled with cell-based production and ISO Quality Assurance practices laid the foundation for the scale-up. Its most recent investments, which include re-tooling, adding production space, and installing additional live and wet-commissioning infrastructure at every production cell, further enhance production capacity.

By owning its means to production with centralized engineering, quality assurance and supply chain all based on one site, Saltworks tightly controls quality, delivery, and after-service support.

Saltworks COO Joshua Zoshi commented, “Maintaining highly competitive lead times, supporting our supply chain partners, and boosting capacity was a major goal of 2023. We are pleased to see the results as high-quality, fully fully-commissioned, advanced process plants roll out of our factory door. Every process module is shipped ready for rapid installation and start-up, significantly de-risking our clients’ projects.”

Saltworks continues to thank its dedicated supply chain partners for their vital contributions. The Saltworks team looks forward to continuing to work with them to treat some of the toughest waters on the planet.

About Saltworks

Saltworks Technologies is a leader in the development and delivery of solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and lithium refining. By working with customers to understand their unique challenges and focusing on continuous innovation, Saltworks’ solutions provide best-in-class performance and reliability. From its headquarters in Richmond, BC, Canada, Saltworks’ team designs, builds, and operates full-scale plants, and offers comprehensive onsite and offsite testing services with its fleet of mobile pilots.

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