Saltworks Presents at WateReuse & IWC

October 28th 2015

Saltworks presented innovative case studies at the 2015 WateReuse Symposium that demonstrates new ways to treat some of the industries’ most challenging waters. One study focused on a mine water treatment system that solves the centuries old challenge of calcium sulfate scale – permanently changing water chemistry to enable reliable low cost treatment.


Another study focused on how enhanced oil recovery (EOR) produced water can be recycled and value added by re-activating the expensive polymer residue left in the water. An assortment of true zero liquid discharge (trueZLD) projects completed with the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer were also presented. Catch Saltworks presenting again at the upcoming International Water Conference.


ElectroChem Salt Splitter-RO is the answer to the greatest challenge in mine water treatment: calcium sulfate scale recovery limits. When used on these scaling mine waters, the system resulted in over 96% recoveries and 80% lower cost than a conventional lime-RO-evaporator treatment scheme.


ElectroChem Produced Water Desalter treated EOR produced water from multiple operators worldwide. The system not only desalinates the produced water for reuse, it re-activates EOR polymers and increases the viscosity of the water to increase yields.


Also presented were results from Saltworks’ recent tueZLD projects completed with the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer. The SaltMaker treated landfill leachate, oil sands evaporator blowdown, and shale gas produced water to produce high quality freshwater and solids.


Learn more by downloading Saltworks’ past presentations and case studies.

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