SaltMaker MultiEffect

Thermal evaporator crystallizer, 4 effects

Modern, modular, and intelligently automated evaporator-crystallizer that concentrates brine or produces low volume solids for zero liquid discharge.
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zero liquid discharge crystallizer

Versatile Brine Concentrator or ZLD Crystallizer

  • Multiple operating modes: run the SaltMaker MultiEffect as an evaporator to reduce the volume of liquid waste or as a crystallizer to produce dry solid waste
  • Achieve zero liquid discharge with the toughest wastewater and meet discharge requirements
  • Concentrate your brine as much as 10x to reach extremely low volumes
Zero liquid discharge zld solids produced
Saltworks' SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer

Crystallizer Reliability Re-Engineered

  • Intelligent automated self-cleaning, auto start/stop/ramp
  • Non-corroding engineered composite construction
  • Safety by design: no confined spaces, low temperature, low pressure

Modular Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

  • Built to ISO container dimensions for rapid transport and assembly
  • Choose from various plant block sizes to fit your flow rate
  • Slide modules in and out for inspections and maintenance
  • Expand later by adding plant blocks to increase capacity
SaltMaker Modular Evaporator

Energy Efficient

  • Recycles thermal energy through each of its multiple effects to slash your energy costs
  • Use waste heat you exhaust from current operations
  • Low operating temperature (<90°C, 194°F)

SaltMaker MultiEffect Applications

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Truck carrying brine

How to Manage Brine Disposal & Treatment

The many options for managing brine, a term for saline wastewater from industrial processes, fall under two categories: brine treatment and brine disposal. Brine treatment involves desalinating the brine for reuse and producing a concentrated brine (lower liquid waste volume), or residual solids (zero liquid discharge).

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