Saltworks Sells First PFAS Waste Remediation Pilot Plant

Clean Water Solution for a Major Industry Player

Jan 15th 2024

Saltworks Technologies (“Saltworks”) is pleased to announce the strategic sale of a small demonstration plant to treat PFAS wastewater from a major industry player.

PFAS are chemicals that persist in water, are difficult to remediate, and can cause health and environmental problems at high concentrations.

Saltworks’ solution utilizes ultra-high recovery membrane systems to concentrate PFAS waste and produce high-purity clean water for reuse or discharge. Saltworks’ client intends to send the ultra-high concentrated waste to trial PFAS destruction technology supplied by another vendor. PFAS destruction process produces carbon dioxide, water, and aqueous fluoride.

The ‘F’ in PFAS stands for fluoride which cannot be destroyed. To remediate the fluoride, it can be converted to calcium fluoride with Saltworks’ BrineRefine. The resulting calcium fluoride is stable, filtered out, and easy to dispose of.

a simplified PFD of Saltworks' PFAS treatment system

Figure 1: Simplified PFAS Treatment and Removal PFD. 

PFAS treatment systems must be carefully engineered with consideration of specific wastewater chemistry, co-contaminant removals as well as the economics of the different treatment options. With that, our experienced team and advanced treatment technologies are well-placed to continue meeting the growing demand for flexible solutions from the global PFAS industry.

Contact our experts today to begin examining the best options for treating your PFAS wastewater effectively and cost-efficiently.

About Saltworks

Saltworks Technologies is a leader in the development and delivery of solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and lithium refining. By working with customers to understand their unique challenges and focusing on continuous innovation, Saltworks’ solutions provide best-in-class performance and reliability. From its headquarters in Richmond, BC, Canada, Saltworks’ team designs, builds, and operates full-scale plants, and offers comprehensive onsite and offsite testing services with its fleet of mobile pilots.

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