Saltworks supports Nepal water projects with USC Canada

February 19th 2013

Saltworks Technologies’ staff volunteered their time on a provincial statutory holiday to raise funds with USC Canada in support of two water projects in Phapharbari, Nepal.


The projects will see two towns of 200 people each gain access to safe, clean water and sanitation through the construction of water infrastructure. The local communities will be involved in the planning and construction and will own the system.


“When people half a world away, who truly know water and water issues, can partner with a remote communities to help secure clean local water systems, it is truly a global partnership,” said Kate Green, who manages USC’s Nepal program.


Ben Sparrow, Saltworks’ CEO, commented, “We are extremely proud of our team for helping raising these funds that will improve the health and welfare of residents in Phapharbari, Nepal while also providing valuable employment opportunities during the construction period.”


About USC Canada
USC Canada’s mission is to promote vibrant family farms, strong rural communities, and healthy ecosystems around the world. With engaged Canadians and partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, we support programs, training, and policies that strengthen biodiversity, food sovereignty, and the rights of those at the heart of resilient food systems – women, indigenous peoples, and small-scale farmers.

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