Thailand's Leader in Reverse Osmosis Looks to Saltworks for Innovative Brine & Acid Solutions

May 8th 2015

Saltworks is delivering a Canadian first to Thailand: a novel pilot plant that can treat industrial wastewater, recycle battery acid, desalt RO brine, and split salt solutions for value recovery. Saltworks previously built similar systems for NASA, who was aiming to recycle wastewater on the International Space Station.


A top tier Thailand company who specializes in membrane separation processes is bringing Saltworks’ advanced water treatment solutions to SE Asia. The Thai company delivers water treatment systems to food, beverage, power, and electronics plants across Asia.


The founder and leader of the Thai company along with his pilot team spent a week at Saltworks’ Vancouver headquarters to receive training on the operation of a mobile ElectroChem pilot. It can be configured with different membrane types and processes to complete a range of important water treatment activities.


Saltworks has additional small scale and simple electrodialysis pilot systems available, including a comprehensive training program. These systems are ideal for piloting recovery of acids, such as hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, or treating highly impaired saline waters.


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