Target & remove specific ions

Targeting specific ions for removal can be the most cost-efficient way to treat a wastewater flow. Saltworks has treatment and sensing solutions available to treat ions and other species, making water suitable for discharge or re-use and avoiding more costly interventions such as zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

Selective Removal of Ions

Is your wastewater challenge limited to one or two constituents of concern? It may be possible to target and remove specific contaminants, avoiding the need for more complex and expensive treatment.


Many wastewaters are more than 99% fit for discharge or re-use, but one or two contaminants prevent this. Saltworks’ IonSelect solutions target specific ions or contaminants of concern, removing them as a solid so you can discharge 99% of your wastewater volume and avoid brine management costs.


We pull from a variety of treatment methods, robust real-time sensors, and the expertise to know when and how to use them.

Photo of a periodic table representing the selective removal of specific ions in wastewater management
Photo ofFilter Press Producing Solids selective removal
Solids removed by selective precipitation and filter press.

IonSelect Examples

Method Examples
Selective precipitation and filtration
  • Remove heavy metals such as arsenic, cobalt, mercury, iron, manganese, aluminum, and others.
  • Reduce barium, sulfate, or calcium concentration in waters.
  • Produce solid filter cake, without a brine by-product.
  • Direct chemical or electrochemical destruction
  • Treat for cyanide and ammonia. Produce safe by-products such as nitrogen gas.
  • Monovalent electrodialysis removal
  • Remove monovalent ions such as chloride, to enable the water to be recycled and re-used.
  • Nanofiltration
  • Reject and concentrate sulfates, multivalent ions, and organics while passing monovalent ions such as sodium and chloride.
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    targeted precipitation filter press solids
    Filter press cake: precipitated solids targeted for removal.

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