Open Evaporator Crystallizer

The SaltMaker AirBreather is an open to atmosphere evaporator crystallizer that operates at low temperatures to concentrate brine or achieve zero liquid discharge. Air emissions such as volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions are captured prior to discharge to the atmosphere. For improved economics, it can be paired with low grade heat.

Zero liquid discharge solids produced

Concentrate Brine at Higher Capacities

  • Multiple operating modes: run the SaltMaker-AirBreather as an evaporator to reduce the volume of liquid waste or as a crystallizer to produce dry solid waste.
  • AirBreather requires four times the thermal energy of SaltMaker, so it is most applicable where low-grade, low-cost heat is available.
  • Simple solids management system discharges solids into bags or bins without the need for chemical pre-treatment or softening sludge.

Environmentally Sound Engineering

  • Designed to prevent scale and built with corrosion-proof materials.
  • Intelligent automation maximizes performance with capacity control, self-cleaning, and self-diagnosis.
  • Built-in volatile management system captures VOCs to ensure air emission standards are met.
AirBreather Pilot with Engineers

Robust Build for Modularity & Rapid Deployment

  • Modular design enables simple shipping and rapid assembly at site.
  • Plant modules can be added to expand capacity to suit your project needs.
  • Modules slide in and out of effects for easy inspections and maintenance.

Want more in-depth knowledge about the AirBreather? Read our blog to get to know this new technology. 

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