Mobile Fleet of SaltMaker Pilots Treats Demanding Wastewaters

November 20th 2014

Saltworks Technologies’ fleet of mobile SaltMaker pilots spent the summer touring North America and producing freshwater from some of the worlds’ toughest waters.


May started with a pilot at a major USA landfill treating six different landfill wastewaters – the water that percolates through a landfill. Two other SaltMakers successfully treated shale gas produced waters in both Northern Canada and West Texas, producing freshwater for re-use and solids for waste volume minimization.


A fourth SaltMaker pilot spent the summer treating water from Alberta’s oil sands – the wastewater left over from steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). This challenging wastewater would normally be disposed of in a disposal well.


“Four successful SaltMaker pilots in demanding applications where conventional systems have struggled proves the ruggedness and resilience of the SaltMaker platform. All plants operated on varied water sources, reliably producing solids and freshwater 24-7.”

   – Malcolm Man, Saltworks’ VP Business Development


Saltworks is continuing to dispatch pilot units for field operation on varying wastewater sources and is accepting orders for full size systems.

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