Saltworks Enters Lithium Brine Extraction With a Lithium Mining Company

June 12th 2018

A lithium mining company has commissioned Saltworks Technologies to design and build their novel, selective crystallization pilot plant. The plant is intended to make battery-grade lithium carbonate in a continuous process using lithium brine extraction. Saltworks will bring its expertise in water treatment process design, optimization, and intelligent controls to rapidly deliver the company’s novel technology. The modular containerized plant will enable rapid, mobile testing on lithium-rich brines.

An executive leader from the mining company commented, “we’re extremely pleased to announce this agreement with Saltworks; we’ve been very impressed with the quality and technical sophistication of their team and the products that they design and manufacture.”

Saltworks CEO Benjamin Sparrow commented that “Lithium mining is water mining. Our team is very excited to provide a technology edge, leveraging our experience while working with a world-class team.”

Saltworks is an integrated water technology leader that develops solutions for customers by working with them to understand their challenges and develop solutions. Saltworks complements its in-house products, including the FlexEDR selective ion removal system, the BrineRefine chemical softening system and the SaltMaker evaporator crystallizer, with the best off-the-shelf technologies such as reverse osmosis and pretreatment. Saltworks overlays innovation and the full breadth of their organizational expertise in a relentless drive to lower costs, provide excellent customer service, integrate advanced control systems and ensure performance-boosting reliability for every customer.

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