Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) & Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD)

Optimize your costs with the correct blend of membrane and evaporator crystallizer solutions to minimize your brine volume or produce solids and achieve zero liquid discharge.

How Can We Help?

  • Xtreme RO ultra high recovery reverse osmosis membrane systems and BrineRefine smart chemical softening systems maximize recovery upstream of thermal treatment.
  • SaltMaker MultiEffect and SaltMaker AirBreather evaporator crystallizer systems simplify brine management by combining evaporator, crystallizer, and solids management in a single package.
  • Extensive pilot testing services help de-risk your project.

Technologies & Solutions

Problem & Water Analysis

  • Before you invest in equipment let us provide you with a free engineering study – we’ll look at your overall treatment to see how we can reduce total costs and improve reliability.
  • We have solutions for maximizing upstream membrane recovery, using waste heat to reduce thermal system energy consumption, and reducing project capital and operating costs.
  • We can test and prove processes at our state-of-the-art facility or at your site with our fleet of mobile pilots.
Flow Diagram of ZLD System
  • Next generation 1,800 psi (120 bar) reverse osmosis based brine concentrator produces half the brine volume of traditional 1,200 psi (80 bar) RO.
  • Enabled by BrineRefine, our breakthrough robotized chemical softening system that removes scaling ions to prevent RO scaling or fouling.
  • Maximizes membrane system recovery which minimizes brine volume sent to downstream thermal systems.
  • Evaporation, crystallization, and solids management in a single, highly robust, intelligently automated plant.
  • Industry leading reliability and simplified maintenance thanks to smart self-cleaning systems, no confined spaces or pressure vessels, and non-corroding composite fiberglass parts.
  • Uses up to 80% less thermal energy than conventional crystallizers by recycling heat across multiple effects.
  • Modular plant blocks in several capacities make it easy to meet your treatment goals today and expand in the future.
  • Open-to-atmosphere option of our SaltMaker evaporator crystallizer for lower cost and higher capacity, at the expense of added thermal energy.
  • Zero air emissions with our proprietary, innovative volatiles capture technology.
  • Ideal for applications with low cost thermal energy.
  • Same modular design, smart self-cleaning, solids capability and robust parts as our SaltMaker MultiEffect.

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