Zero Liquid Discharge Systems

Squeeze your wastewater or brine down to dry solid waste with the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer and achieve zero liquid discharge.

Challenges with Conventional Crystallizers

  • You need chemical softening pretreatment to cope with hard wastewater that causes scale to build up in your treatment systems.
  • High energy requirements drive up your operating expenses.
  • Your plant was built for a specific project capacity has little flexibility for future plant expansions.

Technologies & Solutions

Produce Dry ZLD Solids:

  • Eliminate expensive chemical softening pretreatment with the SaltMaker’s -driven self-cleaning systems that use non-corroding composite fibre parts.

  • Uses 80% less energy than conventional crystallizers by recycling heat across the SaltMaker’s multiple effects.

  • Meet your treatment goals by choosing the number of SaltMaker plant blocks that suit your flow rate, then easily expand later.


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